An Overview of the P90x Nutrition Guide  P90x Nutrition Guide

An Overview of the P90x Nutrition Guide P90x Nutrition Guide

An Overview of the P90x Nutrition Guide

Posted by Admin on February 4th, 2011

An important part of the P90x Nutrition Guide is the fact that there are three different and graduated phases to it. Because this guide to your nutrition is based on the P90x workout plan, it is designed to enable your body to deliver its best performance for this highly challenging workout regime. By focusing on just what your body needs for each phase of the nutrition guide, you will both look and feel better when you follow it.

Starting with Phase 1 of the P90x Nutrition Guide, you will begin to lose the fat that you have acquired previously. In addition, you will begin to gain that muscle mass that is so important to being able to see the results you want with the P90x workout. You will do this by eating a high concentration of protein during your first phase of this plan.

Aptly termed the Fat Shredder stage, Phase 1 has you eating about 50% protein, 30% carbohydrates and 20% fats. This approach will help you to quick shed the fat while building your muscle mass as well. Depending on your individual needs and goals, this phase can last anywhere from one to about 30 days. You can, however, carry it over a few days longer if you desire to do so.

Phase 2 of the P90x Nutrition Guide eating plan allows you to add the carbohydrates back into your diet. This part of the plan is called the Energy Booster. It is called this because its primary focus will be providing your body with the necessary elements of nutrition that it needs in order to train harder and longer.

The third, and final, stage is called the Endurance Maximizer. With an equal balance of both carbohydrates and protein, you are able to reach your maximum endurance levels while also allowing for the continued building of quality muscle mass. This combination, along with a small percentage of fats, gives you the stamina you need to carry you to the next level in your workout. This is the ultimate goal of P90x Nutrition Guide.

With each of the plans in the P90x Nutrition Guide, the types of foods that you eat are just as important as the amounts. Aim to consume lots of water both during each of your meals and snacks as well as during the times in between each of your eating sessions. Your diet should be focused on such foods like fresh vegetables and fruits, flax seeds, lean meats, peanut butter, whole grain breads and other grains, low fat cheeses and low fat milk.

Depending on your individual preferences, you can either choose to follow the P90x Nutrition Guide meal plan by choosing the foods you eat according to the servings sizes. Or you can choose to follow the recipes that are provided for you along with samples of menu plans that allow you to meet your goals for each week’s meal plan. Some people find it easier to combine each of these options to fit into their lives depending on what is happening on any particular day.

By following these suggestions, you will be able to reach your weight and fitness goals in a fraction of the time you thought possible.

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All About the P90x Nutrition Guide

An Overview of the P90x Nutrition Guide

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