Top 5 Ways to Handle Binges sugar and snack attacks!

Top 5 Ways to Handle Binges sugar and snack attacks!

Top 5 Ways to Handle Binges sugar and snack attacks!
We all

these days when we get to eat a machine, snack on cookies, cakes, sweets and sugar all over. Fortunately, in the past two years, I have some strategies for self-registration to avoid sugar binges developed.

I worked on a commercial shoot and it was a table filled with food service all types of candy can you bear that name. There were plates of cakes and pies, cakes with powdered sugar and chocolate sprinkles. There were bowls in every color of M & M’s, plain and my favorite peanut!

It is extremely difficult not to eat sugar all day. People were walking all the handles of candy all day! Plus it was great can cooler with all kinds of sugary soda can filled with. And good conscience that they have a great selection of bars and sports drinks sweetened pseudo-protein (chocolate bar healthy-looking packaging).

I was early in the morning. I had an omelet with vegetables and fruit for breakfast. Earlier in the day I had the power of a saint.

I am also a big lunch. I had a grilled salmon Caesar salad with dressing on the large side. I had some fresh melon for a snack in the afternoon. I had the perfect low glycemic index fat burning days so far. I was burning fat without exercise on this plan.

Then in the late evening when the shooting was under way, is long, when I hit the wall. (By the way, if you’re ever doing film or television, the race is a standard way to run!)

So at about 5:00 am my blood sugar crashed and I was immediately excited. Instead of eating protein like tuna or turkey they had on the restaurant table, I reached innocent oatmeal raisin cookie. I am convinced that it healthier than the chocolate chip cookies that had stacked. That was good enough for about three seconds.

Then I took a break, so I snuck a handful of peanut M & M’s. Now I was not at full speed into a rage against me even stronger fashion. I was on the verge of a power failure or sugar. I knew I had to do something to stop the damage and to reverse the effects of my lack of discipline to do.

I grabbed a large bottle of water and began the process of detoxification. Then I cut an apple and began to eat a piece at a time, to my desire to meet to chew something. The combination was attacking a perfect elixir for my sugar.

After about 30 minutes I came back my energy, my fear disappeared and recovered my self-esteem and I could walk past a mirror and blow kisses me again.

Phew, it was close, but I have it through.

Sugar attacks keep coming back. Here are my best ways to manage these binge eating sugar.

My Top 5 ways, with sugar Snack Binges and Attacks offer!

1. Shop Smart: Do not store or candy for you or your family. Nobody needs. If they are not at home, you will probably get no more out of their way to them. Get ready to win in order. Be your own best mentor, not your worst enemy.

2. Fruit Medley: Keep a variety of fruit in your kitchen. Whenever I feel like something sweet I turn to my basket of fruit bin. Eating fruit is not only satisfy the sweet tooth, but also ideal for you. Nectars work well for me.

3. Sweet Treat: Take a bite of something rich and satisfying. Instead of buying a chocolate bar high, choose a small piece of dark chocolate. It’s good for your heart and rich flavor.

4. Drink Up: how often you exercise, your body dehydrated, such as hunger. At the first sign of a sugar Snack Attack fruity drink and free. I love all the new flavors of Crystal Light. I also like the gourmet decaf coffee. I am sometimes a cup and use sugar-free stevia for a cup of sweet pudding Jell-O.

5. Sneaky Snack: error in thinking that you are pampered. sugar-free popsicles, strawberry milk, hot chocolate and chocolate do the trick for me. Try this recipe for chocolate covered strawberries!

I’m sure you can think of many other equally simple solutions. The key is to catch it before you go overboard. Just stop, do something you feel healthy and go into a state of forgiveness. Yes, you have to forgive and regain its powers and your desire to fat.

Do not dwell on your mistakes, but confirm your goals and desires. Immediately redirected towards your goal weight and stay off the ladder for a few days and some extra cardio to burn extra calories. The key here is not to be a victim. Be a winner and I know that all great athletes, dancers and artists from days. Just back in the game and go forward with enthusiasm and energy!