Fitting the Pieces Together: Part 1

Fitting the Pieces Together: Part 1

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Have you ever noticed that on days when things seemed to be going wrong, every little thing suddenly feels like it’s “Murphy’s Law” and nothing works out? Or on days when you’re feeling great, everything seems to go inexplicably well? I’d imagine each and every one of us has experienced these scenarios on a regular basis.

I believe attitude and expectation play a huge role in both of these situations. while I won’t suggest that there is 100% truth to “The Secret,” I will say that I tend to believe our outlook certainly impacts our perception of life events. On a day when you wake up with a headache, realize you’re running late for work, get stuck in traffic on the way into the office, and end up soaking wet when you realize you forgot your umbrella on your walk into work, it is likely that the rest of the day’s events will be perceived negatively, thus creating a “domino effect” of having “one of those days”. We’ve all been there!

My philosophy is that all of the pieces relate; when nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and attitude are in line, the puzzle begins to fit together in working toward whole health. The goal of this blog is to connect the pieces of nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and attitude to build a healthy body and mind. For myself personally, I had to first work on the attitude aspect before the other pieces began fitting together.

Once I allowed myself to approach the other aspects of my life with an open mind, I was suddenly introduced to many new choices and options. I first began by deciding to try reintroducing meat into my diet after ten years of being a vegetarian, in an attempt to relieve my symptoms I’d experienced for 6+ years. Once I began feeling better and more confident that I’d made the right decision, I was willing to continue my experiment and try new things. Eventually my outlook became more optimistic, my fitness level increased and I accomplished milestones I never knew I could, and my lifestyle began taking a new shape as well – all factors contributing to my total and complete health.

Through these changes and recently adapted new habits, I’ve noticed a significant change in my overall health and well being. Making improvements one step at a time continues to be an important balance in my daily life.

Today I challenge you to ponder this: What’s one small thing you could consider trying today that might contribute to enhancements in your nutrition fitness, lifestyle or attitude?