Can Coconut Oil Help Prevent Aging?

Can Coconut Oil Help Prevent Aging?

Coconut oil has long been known to be an antioxidant that can combat the free radicals in your skin that lead to aging, but new research is starting to point to another way coconut oil may help prevent aging. There are two ways that cells get energy: glucose with the help of insulin and "ketones". Coconut oil may prevent aging in the cells via increased ketone production in the liver, which increases NAD ratios in the cell, thereby preventing aging.

A recent study on reversing the aging process in mice found a connection between the level of NAD and the perceived age of cells. "We found that we could reverse [cell miscommunication] and get the communication going again and the animals went back to being young again. We used a molecule that raises a chemical in the body that goes down as we get older - its simple name is NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)."

But how to get more NAD in your body?

The answer may lie in ketones produced via a ketogenic diet. According to a neuroscience study, "Ketones reduce glutamate-induced free radical formation by increasing the NAD+/NADH ratio and enhancing mitochondrial respiration in neocortical neurons." Ketones are produced in the body by the liver as a byproduct of processing medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) that are found in coconut oil.

While the research is still out on new anti-aging technology, we may just find that the same antioxidant mechanisms that help prevent aging in the skin are the same ones that help prevent aging in cells, but only time will tell. Regardless of the outcome, it will always be important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.