Ways to Detoxify

Ways to Detoxify

Ways to Detoxify

Ways to Detoxify

Ways to Detoxify

Ways to DetoxifyWays to Detoxify

Detox or detoxification is very popular nowadays. Although no scientific evidence that supports it, it still did not dampen the desire of people to try it. Detox himself is portrayed as a way to remove harmful substances (toxins) from the body.

Some people reported to be more focused & energetic after doing body detoxification program. Although, according to experts, it can be due to the belief that they have done anything useful to the body.

Because it is still a lack of evidence to suggest that the detoxification process can get rid of harmful substances (toxins) from the body, making the medical community still doubt the effectiveness of the detoxification program. In the body’s natural processes, most of the hazardous materials (toxin) that enter the body will be eliminated through the kidney & liver, then excreted in the urine & feces.

To know more clearly about the detox or detoxification of the body mainly through dietary adjustments (detox diet), it can be seen in the following article.

The way to detoxify the body :
Many ways to do detoxification, certain foods can with diet, mud bath, treatment with sea water, treatment with herbal ingredients, urine therapy etc..

For detoxification through dietary adjustments (detox diet), can by consuming foods rich in fiber such as vegetables & fruits or certain herbal supplements in powder and capsule form.

Usually a program of detoxification through dietary adjustments (detox diet) was started with a period of fasting, followed by setting a strict diet (eating only raw vegetables & fruits, fruit juices, water, etc.) as well as the consumption of certain supplements or tea, for later ends with a colon cleansing (colon). Most of the detoxification process is running for 7-10 days.

The basic idea of the process of detoxification with dietary adjustments (detox diet) is to not consume foods that are suspected to contain hazardous substances (toxins). So the body will be free of these harmful substances. The body itself also has to have its own mechanism that can remove these harmful substances from the body.

The benefits of detoxifying the body:
Benefits of the body’s own detoxification process is still debated. Many were supportive but many are skeptical, especially because there is no scientific evidence that proves that the detoxification process can actually dispose of hazardous substances (toxins) from the body.

For that support, they say feel more refreshed & energetic after doing a detoxification process for hazardous materials (toxin) has been removed from their bodies. But it can also occur due to dietary adjustments that have been done.

In the process of detoxification with dietary adjustments (detox diet) is usually them be:

  • Consume more water
  • Consume less / not at all alcohol & caffeine
  • Consuming less fat & protein from animal
  • Eat fewer processed foods
  • Being a lot of fresh foods & vegetables & fibrous bleak fruits.

In the end, setting a healthy diet like these that will provide benefits to the body. That is by consuming more vegetables & fruits & eat less processed foods or fatty foods.

That must be considered when making a detoxification of the body:
Detoxify the body through dietary adjustments (detox diet) is meant to cleanse the entire body from harmful substances (toxins) that exist in the body. But many people misunderstand it as a way to lose weight. Whereas the effect of weight loss occurs because they reduce / even not at all consume foods that contain carbohydrates & fats during the process of detoxification.

Here are some things to watch while doing the detoxification of the body:

  • Detoxification with dietary adjustments (detox diet) is not recommended to be done by teenagers. This is because teenagers still need calories & protein are sufficient to support the growth & development. So diets that involve strict regulation to certain foods, it is not recommended. Especially if it includes an active youth physical activity such as exercise.
  • Detoxification with dietary adjustments (detox diet) is also not recommended to be done by those who have health problems, such as: diabetes, heart disease or other chronic health problems. Likewise for pregnant women & those who have eating disorders, detox diet should also be avoided.
  • Supplements for detoxification can have side effects. Many of the supplements that are used for the detoxification process is actually a laksativa, which is a material created to facilitate defecation. Supplements that have a nature laksativa can cause side effects such as dehydration, mineral imbalances in the body or digestive system problems.
  • Detoxification process can not eliminate fat in the body. Many people who do detoxification was losing weight, but most of the lost is water & little muscle mass.That person will also increase more weight when it has completed the detoxification program.
  • Detox diets can only be executed in the short term. Because dietary adjustments may disrupt metabolic system, the detoxification program with dietary adjustments is recommended only to be done in the short term only.

Maintaining health is very important to do, because it would be better to prevent than cure. But it is suggested, so that we can also wise to choose prevention programs that will be done so that the ultimate goal to stay healthy, can be achieved. Doing regular physical activity & adjust your diet to stay healthy & balanced, proved to be one way to maintain health we can do.

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