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It’s called business. It takes money to move the message.

@HawaiiBioFarmer why do people always want something for free….?? It’s always about the money big guy! But hey, if you’re a bio farmer in hawaii…give me a call…8089272650

David came to hawaii to visit me in 2008 for a business deal. He is truly a great guy. If you want his phone number give me a call at 808-927-2650

@hoopalicious Oh! haha, sorry bout that! (smile)

@Deradune i am on your side silly.. I was responding to truth95093(the comment right before mine)

@hoopalicious I would think you could do something better with YOUR time.

@delphianlore The LongevityNOW Program (LNP). It is sold out but a second edition will be printed hopefully sometime this summer! (The earlier of this program was called Spiritual Immune Tonic System (SITS).

@HawaiiBioFarmer How do YOU make your living ?..

@Mother4earth Agreed but its also what people are told & the majority believing what the gubmint tells them. The FDA, meat/dairy industries tell the people that A is good for you and B is bad, then you find out that B actually is good for you & that A was just being pushed by some corporate interest. I bet that DWs info is more truthful than some greedy agency. FDA thinks walnuts are drugs(b/c theres much info about healthy they r) and Doritos are *cough* heart healthy(subsidised corn, maybe GM)

please, what is the program he is mentioning?

is that a naked chick in the background?

@LightTruthLove : Does rhubarb leach the good calcium or the bad calcium?

do you believe in karma david ?

David… love your stuff alot… one thing though… charging membership fees to get the knowledge is not heart energy.

MY friend Jenny courtney spent a week with dave and his cronies.. she is 19. she was shocked when they hit her up for 20,000 bucks to undergo “the program”.. then after she was flabergasted to see him down a tub of icecream, the cronies revealed that his fave food is LASAGNA !!! they also revealed that his product ORMIS (90 bucks per bottle) does nothing what-so-ever!!!! THESE ARE FACTS! eat well, love nature, love your brother, and boycott this cunt… like we have.

Check out the book “Biological Transmutations” for more on this.

He ones said that magnesium can turn into calcium but is it really possible.

Dont forget uranium becomes lead after millions of years.

Hello, health has never been hidden from us. It’s been around for ages, since the dawn of man, but we choose to ignore it and pay others to tell us what they believe is the top of the world ‘health tip’. No one should ever make money on that., when food should be free for everyone, living in the free. The animals are free, they don’t pay a health guru for eating or knowing that fact. Nor should we. Look beyond and search the past. What did we eat? What do free people eat today? Peace,

i knew this to be truth when i had my first ultrasound when pregnant and the only thing there was to see what the blip of his heart beat. Truly the event horizon.

And as for burger king my guess is that you saw someone who looked like him eg like Michel Jackson when he send an impersonator to do interviews for him

Thats not right, first lead is not in chocolate it on the shell, lead can get into the chocolate during the manufacturing process but David doesnt suggest eating the shell or processing chocolate hes eats it raw second David doesnt have a fraud case agents him your talking about the deputy district attorney David Wolfe who was involved in the South California fraud investigation Association Meeting in 2005,

Please, Find something better to do with your time than spreading lies about a MAJOR force in the enlightenment and health of SO MANY people..

I saw this same guy at a Burger King in Lakeside California eating a hamburger, fries, and a soft drink.

There’s a ton of lead in raw chocolate — but Wolfie doesn’t tell you that. Plus he has fraud cases pending against him in the State of California.

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