Intuitive Health Channel

Intuitive Health Channel

Marianne Kane joins Damian Brown to discuss personal challenges with an autoimmune condition known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. In this episode we discuss: What is an autoimmune condition? What is Ankylosing Spondlylitis? Potential autoimmune condition triggers including genetics, molecular mimicry, infections, biofilms, and stress. Inflammatory back pain versus mechanical back pain. Personal experiences and challenges with [...]

Do beliefs shape our body? Molly Galbraith and Sirena Bernal join Damian Brown to share their thoughts on some of the brick walls and beliefs that surround the topic of female body image. In this episode we discuss: Do beliefs shape our body? Perspectives on the ideal beauty standard. Balancing the masculine and feminine energies. [...]

Dr Jonathan Fass joins Damian Brown to share his wealth of knowledge as we take a look at some of the common options for treating pain, injuries and those niggling little problems that just don’t seem to shift! In this episode we discuss: Where to begin when choosing a therapist. The benefits of the different [...]

JC Deen from joins Damian Brown to share his thoughts and experiences on meditation and mindfulness. In this episode we discuss: How JC’s interest in meditation came about. Personal experiences and expectations. How to get started. The benefits of meditation on training and nutrition. The influence it has had on creativity and outlook on [...]

Sirena Bernal from joins Damian Brown to share her love and passion for energy healing. In this episode we discuss: Ideas of energy healing. The Chakras. Reiki as a healing modality. The importance of intention. Using colour therapy in everyday life. How to use crystals as part of our own health & healing. Be [...]

Inspiring health and fitness personality Rog Law from joins Damian Brown for the very first episode of the Intuitive Health Channel. In this episode we discuss: Awesomeness, and what it means in an everyday sense. Some of the roadblocks (from personal experience and clients) when working towards your goals and dreams. Relationships and the [...]